the institute for families and nannies programs

TIFFAN believes that children thrive best when nannies and parents learn together and care together.  TIFFAN provides a range of opportunities for nannies to learn in classroom sessions and then bring that skilled learning back into their relationship with the parent.

TIFFAN currently offers three training programs: 

1. Infant Toddler Caregiver Training

The Institute in collaboration with PITC Partners for Quality at WestEd provides a unique opportunity for Parents and Nannies to create a relationship where the child is at the center of their work together. The Infant Toddler Caregiver Training is a professional development program for Nannies that, through its training courses and coaching, engenders a responsive, relationship-based approach to infant/ toddler care and education. 

The Infant Toddler Caregiver Program is grounded in the nationally recognized PITC philosophy and integrates best practices with the latest advances in child development.  Nanny graduates will receive a certificate of professional development  issued by PITC Partners for Quality in collaboration with WestEd, the  California Department of Education, Early Education Support Division and TIFFAN as the sponsor.  

Nannies will: 

  • Learn how to engage in effective infant/toddler caregiving practices

  • Benefit from the most comprehensive training program available that is recognized worldwide as the source for high quality infant/toddler care training and materials

  • Gain an enhanced understanding that will help your Nanny build and sustain your working relationship

  • Improve a Nanny’s skills to work effectively together to support your child’s development

  • Join a community of learners and create a professional network nannies learning and working together

2. Professional Development Workshops

An integral part of TIFFAN’s philosophy is the concept of creating a community of learners. Starting October 2018, the“Professional Development Workshop Series” commences! Every week nannies meet together to learn on a variety of subjects ranging from the nanny as a professional, portfolio development, compensation, contracts and working collaboratively with parents.  Click here for a list of monthly topics.

3.  The Childcare REspite Program at The family house, san francisco

Nanny Ambassador volunteers provide activities to the children of families staying at The Family House .  The Family House provides temporary housing for families with a child undergoing medical treatment at UCSF for a serious life-threatening illness, such as cancer or organ transplant surgery.  Nannies receive training on working with families in need and receive certification from The Institute for Families and Nannies for their service.