TIFFAN's Mission

This is part 8 of the 8-part blog from the perspective of TIFFAN's Founder and "The Nanny Manual" author, Alyce Desrosiers.

TIFFAN’s mission will be accomplished in three phases:

Phase I:  In FY 2018 TIFFAN will provide education, job training and home visits with 20 nanny-parent pairs to establish best practices and research outcomes that support quality care.  These best practices will be used to develop practical and accessible programs for parents and nannies. 

Phase II:  In FY 2019 TIFFAN will scale the program to the San Francisco Bay Area by creating an IT infrastructure and a distribution model that is scalable, cost effective and accessible. In addition to direct outreach to nannies and parents, our programs will be launched in partnership with nanny agencies, advocacy groups and education and training organizations.

Phase III:  In FY 2020 TIFFAN will replicate the model developed in phase II and bring it into new markets throughout California.  By 2025, the recognized standards and best practices model will be established, built and scalable to reach the national market through classroom training, home visiting, APPS and virtual learning.

An intended consequence of TIFFAN’s mission is to elevate the quality of care, improve nanny – parent relationships, and provide job skills and career advancement opportunities for nannies to teach, mentor and consult with families and other nannies on best practices. 

Because children’s experiences in the first five years of life establish the foundation for ongoing learning and progress, high-quality early care and education for all children is critical.  We believe the care nannies provide in collaboration with parents deserves our attention and support.

We launched our training program in January with now-12 nannies participating in a year-long training program on Infant Toddler Care provided by our partner, PITC.  PITC developed this program with the California Department of Education and has been training preschool directors and teachers across the U.S. for years.  This is their first time giving it to nannies.  We hope to learn a lot from these women to inform standards and best practices.  They are the pioneers in what we expect to be other training programs over time.

In our efforts to provide mentorship, job training and career development for nannies we have turned over Chirp’s monthly continued education program to 4 nannies who will build out from what we have developed, monthly workshops facilitated by nannies with expertise in a certain subject area to other nannies in the community.  This program will be up and running continuously monthly in September.

We are proud of what we have accomplished with TIFFAN and welcome parents and nannies to learn more about our work and join our community at www.tiffan.org , and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

-Alyce Desrosiers