You’re Invited: The Institute for Families and Nannies 2018 workshop for Nannies will discuss literacy and child development

We’ve all heard about the importance of reading to children and in turn, helping them learn how to read for themselves. But how do these things work together when it comes to children’s brain development?

In 2018, The Institute for Families and Nannies is hosting a workshop for Nannies called Literacy, Language and Development.

Taught by Sonnet Harrison, a parenting and early childhood education expert who also happens to be a Nanny, this workshop will explore the relationship between literacy, brain development and child development. The workshop will cover how literacy shapes and affects a child’s competency and the potential outcomes as they enter kindergarten and elementary school.

Ms. Harrison will also discuss ideas and activities to enhance literacy in everyday activities with the children in your care.

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Photo credit: Jessica Lucia/flickr

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