Chirp’s 5 Favorite Educational Apps for Kids 5 and Under

In today’s digital world, it’s becoming more and more common to see toddlers and children using iPads and tablets. Although it’s important to ensure kids don’t have too much screen time, it’s equally important that when they do, you choose an app that’s not only fun, but also educational.

There are more apps out there than ever before, teaching kids anything from vocabulary to math and science. Which ones are the best? We’ve narrowed down a list of our favorite five, plus here’s a link from the Fred Rogers Center about how to know what makes an app educational.

Endless Reader (Free)

This fun app by Originator Inc. teaches vocabulary with interactive monsters who act out the definitions. This app does have ads, but those can be removed with a small in-app purchase.

ABC Train (Free)

This fun app by Knox Apps features an animated train speeding through the mountains while teaching kids their ABCs. The train whistles and toots and when kids tap the train cars, the sound for that letter appears.

Alien Assignment (Free)

This one’s actually for kids ages 4-8 but it’s so much fun we have to mention it. Created by the Fred Rogers Center, the app features loveable aliens who ask your child to help fix their broken spaceship. The only way to fix the ship is for kids to take pictures of objects around the house based on clues given by the aliens, for example, “find something red.” This interactive scavenger hunt gets kids moving and thinking.

Busy Shapes ($1.99)

Teaching children to use their logic and problem solving skills, this app from Seven Academy tasks kids to maneuver shapes and objects into the correct holes in order to advance to the next level. The colorful app can be introduced to children as young as 2.

ABC Bugs ($2.99)

Kids research and discover insects with this colorful app from Peapod Labs LLC. This app truly captivates children’s minds as it combines videos, interactive activities and great images. The bugs are listed in ABC order, so the app teaches kids the alphabet while they also learn about science. The company also offers the same style app featuring a variety of other topics including food, wildlife and sea life.

Want to learn more about how to make the best app choices? This article from the Fred Rogers Center will help you determine what makes an app educational.

Photo credit: Richard Leeming/flickr

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