The Importance of Play


Did you know that when a baby plays with a ball, she's doing geometry? Or that a 2 year old develops problem solving skills as he inserts shapes in a shape sorter? This seemingly everyday play is a crucial ingredient to a child's healthy growth and development, and Nannies play a key role in the process. You already know that playing is fun and keeps kids occupied, but do you know how to best support a child's learning through play?

Our upcoming 2018 workshop, The Importance of Play (For all Ages), will help Nannies understand the role they play in the development of the kids they care for, and how to ensure that children from ages 0-6 get the most out of their play time.

What to expect at the workshop:

  • Find out what research says about the power of play
  • Discover how to support a child's learning through play (with a focus on ages 0-6)

Photo credit: clappstar/flickr

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