Book Helps Young Children Adjust to Nannies

The transition children go through when a nanny or babysitter enters the family scene can be daunting. For parents struggling to clearly and positively explain the new caregiving situation to their children, a book called "Nanny and Me" may be the answer.

Written by Florence Ann Romano, a former nanny, the author has created a book that will help children better understand the nanny family relationship.“Being cared for by your parents to being cared for by a virtual stranger can be a very unnerving experience for young children,” says Florence. “I wanted to write a book that helped the child understand this transition—show them that someone, other than their parents can love them; care for them; be invested in their future; keep them safe and provide glorious memories and fun.”

The children in the book come to life because they are based on kids from her own experiences as a nanny, as well as from caring for her younger brother who has Autism. Beautiful illustrations by Sydni Kruger further bring the story to life as the Nanny expertly cares for her charges while the parents are away, ensuring the children feel safe, protected and loved.

The 38-page children's book has already gotten excellent reviews from parents eager to show their children that having a Nanny can be a fun, positive experience.

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