Nanny Education for the New Year

Healthy eating, exercise and professional development constantly top people’s New Year’s resolution lists. While we can’t help you with cutting calories, Chirp is on hand to teach interested nannies more about child development and discipline techniques for kids ages 0-5.

Beginning on January 12, Chirp is offering a six-week educational workshop that will delve deep into child development, and teach nannies how to identify and work with children of different temperaments. Topics will include developmental stages, brain development and managing routines among various others.

Taught by Alyce Desrossiers, LCSW and Ahava Vogelstein, M.A., the course will give nannies improved on-the-job confidence to start the new year, while parents can rest assured that their child's caregiver is familiar with the latest information in the child development field.

What: Nanny Support and Education Classes

When: 7:00-8:30 p.m., Mondays, January 12 – February 9

Where: SF ARTifact, 2803 Greenwich St. (Between Baker/Lyon), San Francisco

Facilitators: Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW and Ahava Vogelstein, M.A.

Cost: $90.00

By signing up for Chirp’s nanny education workshop, you’ll ensure that at least one of your New Year’s resolutions is easy to keep. For more information and to register for the nanny education workshop, call 415-331-NANI (6264) or click here.


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