6 Reasons To Take Your Child to Library Story-Time

Did you know that every week in San Francisco alone there are over 70 story-times available for babies, toddlers and preschoolers? These story-times combine reading, songs, poetry, finger play, puppets and/or crafts into fun, free events for families. Not only does story-time at the public library encourage literacy and instill a love of reading from a young age, it helps children develop focus, improve vocabulary and listening skills, and so much more. Your child will love it because stories come alive and imaginations run wild, you’ll love it for the myriad educational benefits it will bring to your child.

Story-time will:

  1. Reinforce concepts such as colors, shapes and letters. This will lead to improved critical thinking skills.
  2. Improve communication skills by listening to an adult other than their parents read to them and interacting with other children throughout the story.
  3. Help children learn to interact with one another, to take turns and to listen.
  4. Increase attention span and prepare them for a classroom environment.
  5. Build vocabulary. Studies show that children who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well throughout their academic career.
  6. Improve self-discipline by helping kids build their attention span and memory retention.

The library is a wondrous place for children, and story-time is a free resource that shouldn’t be missed. Have you talked to your Nanny about taking your child to story-time?

To find a story-time in your neighborhood, check out the San Francisco Public Library calendar.

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