10 Common Misconceptions Parents Have in Hiring a Nanny: The Nanny Manual

This is part 3 of an 8-part blog from the perspective of TIFFAN's Founder and "The Nanny Manual" author, Alyce Desrosiers.

In The Nanny Manual, I identify 10 common misperceptions parents have in hiring a nanny.  In my opinion, it’s always better to know these ahead than to be caught off guard and have to face reality when things go wrong.  

Listed briefly, they are …

  1. The Smoke and Mirrors Syndrome:  20 years’ experience means 20’ years of good experience
  2. I can’t afford quality:  all the good nannies work for rich families
  3. I just want a babysitter:  All she is doing is watching my kids
  4. Our nanny should be perfect in every way:  Our nanny loves us and will do anything we want.
  5. One size fits all:  She was great with Mary’s family, so she’ll be great with us.
  6. The Yo-Yo Effect:  Our last nanny was young and she didn’t work out so I’ll get someone older this time.
  7. The percentage effect:  She’ll do 70 percent housecleaning and 30 percent childcare, so I’ll get a good housecleaner.
  8. My child knows best:  If my toddler says he hates her and wants her to go away, then she goes.
  9. Not trusting your gut:  My gut says something doesn’t feel right even though everything else seems okay
  10. I’ll get started tomorrow:  There’s still plenty of time to do this

-Alyce Desrosiers